Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tribute to c.a.t.s

If you've ever have had cats, or own one/some, you know one thing's for sure - they are completely retarded and beyond beyondness. Little buddhas, crazy omen kids, I mean whatever you wanna call them, you know you're gonna love `em no matter what. So, here's a few pictures of the beloved furry ones we have/had at home -
"It's a hard life in the trenches bro.
The cover just about keeps our heads from getting blown."

Coat of Arms

Zorba the Buddha




The Original Cliffhanger


Gunn said...

The second and the last picture have got my recommendation.
Still can't imagine that you manage to keep so many kittens, and they are cute. I guess I could only keep same number of goldfish, in an aquarium of course, that they can't run around and climb on furnitures.

Jaishree said...

As you can see, I've tried hard to coordinate the pictures with the captions, and it just didn't work with this stupid Blogger program! Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post in spite of its jaggedness..