Sunday, September 23, 2007

What the fuck is Brahman?

Pardon the language, but it was for effect. Yes, truly, "what the fuck is Brahman"?!

Brahman is you, Brahman is me.
Brahman is here, Brahman is naught.
Brahman out, Brahman in.
Break the seed, in between he is.
Brahman is the seed, the space in between and in between that.
Brahman littly, Brahman vastly.
Brahman insane and chaos
Brahman the vast understanding silence.
Brahman idiot
Brahman ignorant
Brahman Wise
Brahman serious
Brahman play
Brahman nothingness, Brahman everythingness.
Brahman All, Brahman Nall.
Brahman inhale, Brahman exhale.
Brahman seer, Brahman seen, Brahman sees the seer.
Aham Brahmasmi

Wisdom of the Upanisads

I feel gifted to be at Auroville, simply because I have a chance to access the wisdom of the Upanisads at the Savitri Bhavan every Wednesday. Finally, I am gaining a clearer understanding about existence, the reason for existence and our relationship to "God".

The Isha Upanisad is one of the most startling and most direct of all Upanisads in terms of the understanding of the Universe and our evolutionary rise towards Ultimate consciousness.

All that is, is for the habitation of the Lord (first line of the Isha). The Kingdom of God is within you and all about you.

Sri Aurobindo talks about two "descents" that resulted in all of creation. The Kabbalah has a very similar doctrine with regards to our fall into ignorance and our slow rise upwards. There is a subtle connection. In the Kabbalah, man was already in existence (frolicking in the garden of Eden) after which he fell from Grace. According to Sri Aurobindo, the descent was what brought the whole of creation into being - there was the Word, and then were the [first descent] and the [second descent] and all came into being.

The Vedas and the Upanisads are not meant just for a mere philosophical understanding of Creation, but it is much deeper than that - they are actually a platform, a literal "bridge" into greater understanding. They literally take you that much closer to the Lord as you read and understand them. The Sanskrit alphabet carries with it greater vibrations - it is, as it was put by one Sanskrit textbook, the "language of the Gods". It is an experiential understanding, more than an intellectual understanding. I say so, because I feel it myself.

My very first post in the blog - "My theory of Unified Consciousness", I believe contains perhaps at least a subtle form of the Truth as present in the Upanisads, if not an accurate picture.

All is Brahman. All is for the enjoyment of the Brahman. Surrender to the Divine Will. Enjoy creation. Aham Brahmasmi - "I am Brahman".