Sunday, September 23, 2007

What the fuck is Brahman?

Pardon the language, but it was for effect. Yes, truly, "what the fuck is Brahman"?!

Brahman is you, Brahman is me.
Brahman is here, Brahman is naught.
Brahman out, Brahman in.
Break the seed, in between he is.
Brahman is the seed, the space in between and in between that.
Brahman littly, Brahman vastly.
Brahman insane and chaos
Brahman the vast understanding silence.
Brahman idiot
Brahman ignorant
Brahman Wise
Brahman serious
Brahman play
Brahman nothingness, Brahman everythingness.
Brahman All, Brahman Nall.
Brahman inhale, Brahman exhale.
Brahman seer, Brahman seen, Brahman sees the seer.
Aham Brahmasmi

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