Friday, October 20, 2006

Time for explanations

For the curious who don't understand Sanskrit...
The word `jyothishakti', the name of my blog, can be explained as follows:
`Jyothi' can be best translated as radiance/illumination/the light that holds the power to dispel darkness/ignorance.
`Shakti' means power/strength.
Together, they may be interpreted as the `power of light', or `light and strength'.
The quick ones may notice that jyothi is spelt with an `h', while shakti is spelt just with a `t' - although both are pronounced as `th' (as in `apathy'). I don't know, it just seems more right to me, because when you spell jyothi with a `t', you tend to say jyoti like gotti. You know what I mean...In books, commonly shakti is spelt with just the `t', and readers pronounce it as it ought to be (shakthi).
Now, I ask forgiveness from all readers who pay attention to grammatical correctness, and require more exhaustive explanations. After all, I do attempt to answer big questions such as the meaning of existence and what not! Such a huge task calls for more detailed explanations...which I haven't given. And many times my writing pleads for mentally filling in the blanks yourselves. The best way to describe my blog would be - random ramblings of one besotten with life and contemplations of everything contained in my world of perception.
But, thank you for viewing!! God Bless.

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Gunn said...

You are welcome:p
I wish I understood Sanskrit and thus became a sage like you do ^_^ I will one day, I guess.
Nevertheless I should congratulate you that finally you can publish your thoughts!! Sharing is good, that's what I believe.