Thursday, October 19, 2006

My theory of unified consciousness

Months, and months of mulling over the idea has yielded the following theory. It is based on an intuitive type of thinking, and readings I have done in the past on the subject. What is the universe, God and everything else? Why do we exist? Where do we go henceforth? These are the questions I have attempted to answer here.

Assumption: everything in the universe is made up of particles of light (gazillions of it).

The light particles are in a state of disarray/imbalance, and this is the phenomenon we know as `existence’. Thus we have creation, destruction, evolution. All of existence `happens’ in an attempt to put all these light particles back into array.

We can hold hope that, eventually, when all these light particles merge back with the Divine (or unified) light, one cycle of existence is complete. Until all the particles attain this “consciousness” or “realisation” or “enlightenment” or “balance”, they will continue to live themselves out, that is, experience existence.

It is also possible to believe that there can be many such cycles. It is nothing but a cosmic drama, a play. In truth, there is no need, in the sense of utility, for beings to start their lives, go through intense confusion, and finally attain realisation. Yet it has been occurring for ages. Until all beings attain Divine consciousness, they will play in this game. And even if they attain it, that is all the pieces of the puzzle are put back together, the nature of all is that the cycles may begin yet again. It is all a grand dance – the dance of the Nataraj. It may also rest in the whim of God/Existence/Unified Consciousness...He decides eventually, perhaps. Or perhaps we just dissolve into pure nothingness.

Picture Courtesy: Vasundhara Shankari Sellamuthu (Copyright)

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Gunn said...

Searching for the ultimate reason of EXISTENSE haunted me for a long time, until the day when I decided not to contemplate on it anymore..

Many are confused by this endless search (it haunts me from time to time, still)... The most optimal consequence is reach one's own theory on that and believe it. Ultimately, these theories can never be proved, and what matters is what we believe.