Friday, October 27, 2006

First steps

My feet barely touched the ground
When I began to tremble
For what immense luck has dawned upon me
To give me this Divine Opportunity?

The tingling sensation began with my toes
And moved up my legs to the pelvis that supports my body.
Warm tears flowed down my cheeks
And wet the ground, as if preparing it for this very moment.

Ten years ago I was running
With the speed of light, in a blur.
Life moved likewise, with no time to slow down;
But today I'm reborn and I'm taking my first steps again.

I hold on to things beside me,
I feel aches and pains I've never felt before
In various parts of my body.
But somehow they coordinate;
They were trying to recall a lesson learnt many years ago.

I look clumsy, most akward.
No more the graceful eagle but an ugly eaglet,
About to fall off the precipice and forced to fly.

But I don't care,

This is the time,

And I am here.

I walk, and tis a miracle.

- Jaishree

Picture Courtesy: Vasundhara Shankari Sellamuthu (CR)

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