Tuesday, October 24, 2006

On relationships

Relationships most often give you what you expect out of them - if you want to be in a mature relationship, then treat it like a vegetable that will slowly turn into a fruit. Eat it too soon, and it will be bitter, wait too long and it will rot - best to wait for just the right time. `Right time for what?', you may ask. The right time to trust, the right time to understand each other and become the best of friends, and the right time to let go and allow yourself to be held and protected in all aspects (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) by another human being. If it wasn't right for you, it will melt away in the very beginning, so there is bound to be less hurt involved.

A relationship you enter into for purely the `romance' (or sexual) aspect is bound to be fluffy for as long as both partners are happy with just the fluff. The moment either one thinks that there ought to be something `more', the relationship takes its next only available course. It's like a rollercoaster - thrilling while it lasts, but one can't be on it forever!

Here, we must mention intelligence. As conscient beings, we are blessed with the ability to shape the direction of our lives, applying our own learnt and intuitive wisdom in the process. So it is intelligence to let go of a partner who you know in your heart will never fulfil you, a relationship that may never make you happy. It is also intelligence to stay in a relationship that in your heart you know is now raw but has the potential to turn into a sweet fruit later.

Words of advice for the broken-hearted: some people come into our lives for a reason - they leave behind some wisdom, some joy, and more often than not, lots of pain! How to deal with this pain? `Everything happened for a reason'. Bless his/her soul, kiss them one last kiss and wave your last goodbye. If he/she was meant for you, they may come back, but it is best to move on with the river of life. Never hold a grudge, it is completely meaningless..

Anyway, there is no fixed formula. Simply follow your heart, different persons in your life may have taught you different things - each relationship will add a new colour to the rainbow of your soul. This, I promise.

God Bless!

Picture Courtesy: Vasundhara Shankari Sellamuthu (Copyright)

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