Friday, October 20, 2006

Biznez Woman

- The business is a part of the environment in which it exists. It is like a person. Aren’t we part of the environment we live in? Similarly, it is a living, breathing entity, constantly relating to its customers, its employees, its suppliers, and the government officials in that environment.

- We decide how we want these relations to be. Do we want to be personal with them? Do we want to care for them? As caretakers of the business, we decide!

- I have decided that I’m going to keep it personal, but keeping in mind that the business ought to make money as well. It has to be profitable. And it has to care.

- I believe I’m a very creative person. And I want to apply this in my business as well. It has to be creative, dealing with creative people, and innovating creative solutions for the customers it serves.

- The business has to relate to the land in which it is located. It has to relate to live things – people, animals, plants, earth. We must not lose this connection. So associates should spend some time “growing things”, “relating to children and animals” and "painting/dancing/singing”, and “library time”. These activities are very important I believe. I want my business to be alive. If I can get my customers and suppliers to do this as well, it would be even better.


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Gunn said...

an organic business awaits you to create and to develop.
It's a shame that folks deem a personal business as an entity that makes profit. . . Ultimate satisfaction only comes when you make it organic, creative and be your "own business".
I admire your idea of making the business "Live", that's what it ought to be.

If I'd to bring up a business>> Hmn, I have not really thought about that. But it has to be in compliance with my passion and be organic... Naturally it has to be profitable as it's a business ultimately.