Monday, October 30, 2006

Homo sapiens

When God created Earth, and all the creatures in it, he gave some unique skill to every single living being. To the cheetah, he gave the gift of speed; to the elephant, he gave strength; to the dog, he gave the gift of smell; the cat, the gift of keen hearing, and so on...but to man, what did he give?

Most animals' young can walk right after they are born. But the human baby is one of the most vulnerable, and has to be taken special care until it is old enough to look after itself. Compared to our animal friends, we have probably the worst sense of smell, the worst sense of hearing, the worst sense of sight, what is this unique skill that makes us so `superior' to all other living beings?

It is the gift of conscient thinking.

We can act with the knowledge of what might possibly follow, we can choose to show kindness and mercy where we needn't, we can reflect on what went wrong and decide to live better, we can invent and destroy, we can even choose to take our own lives - a choice if exercised, would go completely against Darwin's theory of the survival of species.

Our unique gift has even caused us to ask the question - are we really children of this soil? Or did we come from another planet? But what about liquid H2O, magnets, sulphur, mushrooms - do they belong here too? Or are they too `alien'?!

It is this sense of doubt/curiousity to better understand the world around us and all naturally occurring phenomena, that has brought us this far. It holds the key to our future.

I am, and I wish to be, optimistic about our future. I hope that our intelligence, `conscient thinking', will help to solve the problems of world poverty, war and violence against our own kind, and destruction of nature. Join me in lighting the flame that will help to dispel all darkness in our beautiful planet.


The Ignoramus said...

how does the idea that "human suffering is caused by his ability to think" sound to you?

Jaishree said...

Well I believe that human pleasure is also caused by our ability to think. Either way, we need to move beyond thinking into complete awareness. But we need to think first, otherwise we would not have been given this faculty. It is part of the key to unlocking our ignorance and moving into awareness. It is a tool; but it is only a tool, we cannot become attached to it.