Thursday, November 02, 2006

Water and Women

Women are like water - young and bubbling as a stream in youth, like the flowing river as a woman, and vast as the ocean when she is a wise old grandma.

A woman is not like air - she will not leave anything untouched and untraceable like air. She is not a hard rock either - for she will cry, and feel for things, and be vulnerable. But she is like water - she becomes attached, attaining the shape of the container in which she is poured, to the people who begin to matter in her life. At the same time, she carries within her the spirit of resilience, for she can just as easily adjust to a broken and shattered existence, probably far better than a man can.

Most women are water, too few are air or solid. But many men can be both - like air, they choose to live life on their own terms, and hate for their serene existence to be polluted by any external phenomena. Or like rock, they are impenetrable, and often stubborn, not changing their points of view.

For the man who is like air, I say - don't wait for something to touch you and move you, for you to start being `affected'. Learn to be more sensitive to others' feelings and thoughts. But do impart your realistic attitude and sense of detachment to those who need it at the right time!

For the man who is like rock, I say - continue to be strong, for your strength can give much courage to others. But also learn to be like water, because it is not a sin to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is the basis of human life.

For the women who are water, I say - learn from the above types of men, but embrace your beautiful sensitive qualities.

However, all things said, these are quite general statements, and anyone can be in a different state at different times or moments in their lives. But learn to be water, air, or rock, at the times when the right attitude is called for.

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