Friday, November 10, 2006

Lin Yutang, Paulo Coelho, and other `brilliant nuts' I greatly admire

For all my loyal readers...hehe..there will soon be an article on a book I'm reading at the moment, and with which I've fallen dearly in love with - `The Importance of Living' by Lin Yutang (quite the hearty fellow, and one with whom you can imagine having a delightful conversation over evening tea while watching the sun go down!).

There will be few comments, and a lot of `line-lifting', for I found it quite difficult to capture the essence of a book where the real delight lies in the reading (because it's like biting into incredible tiramisu, now how can one possibly replicate that feeling?!).

I also got the same feeling reading `Like a Flowing River by Paulo Coelho. And there will be a book review on that too. I couldn't possibly read his `Valkyries' book, and I luke-warmly enjoyed `The Devil and Miss Prym' and `Eleven'. But this one, his collective memoirs, was far more interesting.

When a book is good for toilet reading, you know it's easy to read, and you know it's something you really enjoy versus something you'd read just to show off at a conversation with elites. ;-)

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jianggan said...

héhé, I take 'Like a Floating River' with me these days, when I am in the metro or when i am waiting for bus.
His poetic proses are really smooth like a floating river, which give me a small haven from all the hassles and all the hastes around me.

Anyway, you are right... we always look for easy and joyful pieces for toilet reading :p

attendo l'articolo!