Saturday, May 15, 2010

Life is for the living / Self absorbed crappiness

I am watching `Julie & Julia' and I am surprised that they actually mispronounced boeuf bourguignon. Incroyable!! You would think that they would have at least hired a few French speakers just to make sure.. especially when Meryl Streep is involved.

The movie (and I am just watching it) resonates with me. I too am at a time of my life when I am asking the question: really, what should I be doing?! Somehow, there is a part of me, a small voice that cries: I know you are going somewhere, and it is going to be reeealll goooddd..laughs (that little voice, inside).

Yeah. Real good. Some place nice, special, spectacular, great. In the movie, Julia's husband asks her: "what is it that you really like to do?". I asked myself the same thing, and of course the first answer was a bit..not that easy.

I chewed on it for a bit and the first thing - movies. And jewellery. Clothing. I love beautiful things, I cannot help it. I also love a good story. I always told ghost stories. Perhaps I should have been the first M.Night, but Shyamalan beat me to it. It's alright. Since he hasn't produced any big budget feature lately, I'm guessing the spot for supernatural superstar is still open. We'll see.

I used to like travelling until I realised how routine it can get. Leaning tower of Pisa? Check. Eiffel Tower? Check. The Empire State? Check. You get the travelling is out now. But films? Stories? Not out yet. I love telling stories. Especially when I get into the mood. I also love my time with friends, but how am I ever going to make that into a career unless I start a cool new restaurant/cafe or some other place to hang out at, that can't be made into an actual career. I even considered TV and the broadcasting business. But now my engine runs low for that. I can't be this big TV personality all the time. It can be very demanding, stressful and mad.

I'm even considering jewellery design, but not completely sure for now. I think something tells me: it's film, film, film. And music too. But that could go with the films I make. So yeah, film, film, ..

I am quite contemplative and think with a fair amount of clarity. But I cannot be a counsellor and listen to everyone's sob stories. It's too much. I tend to get involved and then it hurts.

I like: films, jewellery, clothing, friends, wine, cooking. In that order. A good film with a meal at a good party with friends is where it's at.

To be continued..

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