Friday, April 09, 2010

Music and Dance

Here are some simple songs you can sing and dance to, just because you gotta!! Note: done better in small or large groups, but please don't let that stop you from prancing around naked in your living room (with the curtains drawn, please). And remember to clap after each line - it adds some rhythm to the mix.

"Dance if you want to, sing if you must. The beat's gonna get you, one day it will have to!!!"

Another simple one: "You gotta do the huppa huppa huppa dance - high note" Chorus (people shout): HUPPA!!! You gotta do the huppa huppa dance - low note" HUPPA!!!
p.s. after I created this one, I looked up `huppa' and it means Jewish wedding canopy. neat huh?! The word actually means something!!

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