Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some things

I must, I must, I must...
Yet, none of them feel right
None of them say to me:
I want, I want, I want!!

I know what I am wanting,
but looking at the wrong picture and sighing
Let me be with my dreams
Let me sleep here tonight,
And we will see what shall be in the morning

Perhaps I will not change
Perhaps I shall be swept away to some distant unknown land
Perhaps I shall be the same
Or perhaps, I will have a grin on my face
as I reach for the warm cookie in your hand :)

On dedication...

There is a difference between
creating for Source, and
creating for people.

One is like building a temple,
where you want to put in only the
most beautiful things for the
enjoyment of the Divine.

The other is where you do it
to meet the expectations of others,
and it never matches up.

Hence, dedicate this day,
your life, to the Divine, and
all will be well. All will be
magnificent. All will be

God Bless.
p.s. when I say "Divine" I mean...
That beautiful creative force that flows through you, when you feel "in the zone", when you feel happy doing what you are doing, Nature, God, Insane Orgasmic Bliss, Grace, Glory, Allah, whatever moves you, Joy!!!, perfection...you get it :)

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