Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Poyem named Ju jooo beee

that same old restlessness
that same old familiar feeling
where will you take me my friend?
on to newer shores, vaster lands?
where i will discover new friends?
what new and exciting tidings do you bring with you?
who do you wish to introduce to me now?
i know you exist, that space of vast unfamiliar
that space that lies between the known and unknown worlds
a grey area, an unknown area, but one that exists all the same
is that where you wish to take me?
here i am waiting, anticipating
heck, i am taking
i am taking this new journey with you
you are exciting, a fresh breath of familiar
a divine overseeing, a divine under taking
a place, a person, a poopoo
love, love, LOVE to you!!!

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