Sunday, December 17, 2006

Welcoming the Divine Manifestation upon Earth and into one's Life

This is one of the most important essays, probably the most important, that I will have ever included in my blog.
It is vital to make oneself clear when writing on such matters, so I will attempt to do that as best as possible. When I say `Divine', I do not necessarily point to any particular `God'-like figure, the kind we are used to, carrying particular names for particular forms. By `Divine' I mean the highest possible nature that is attainable by an individual. The highest possible nature does not come from a mere cultivation of the mind or a strengthening of the body - it comes from this and much more than this. The steps for bringing about the ultimate awakening are elucidated as below. Read them carefully. Step 3 is one of the most important.
Note: Always remember to proceed in baby steps because one is not conscious of how prepared one truly is for the Ascension. A being that has lain dormant, asleep, for so long cannot ascend suddenly into Divine Consciousness without being subject to some sort of danger unless one invites the Divine Energy with completely sincere intention, free from all Ego, fear and weakness.
1. The first awakening in man happens when he realises The Possibility that had always lay secretly waiting within him - the possibility to ascend to Godhood. Godhood does not mean having so many spiritual powers, all though this is possible but only as a by-product and does not indicate the realisation of Truth itself. Godhood is when man trascends mind, body and the workings of Nature (with it, the law of Karma) - is in line with the Spirit, and realises his full potential. The Divine Consciousness that he had always carried within him as a seed, will finally flower into a full tree, as it ought to always have.
2. But this is only the beginning. The second step is to will this Ascent to Godhood.
3. The third step is to make the effort to carefully prepare the mind, body and spirit - the practise of The Yoga - to welcome the Divine Consciousness into his/her life. There is much writing on the subject of this preparation. Mahirishi Mahesh Yogi, Sri Ramana of Thiruvannamalai, Vallalaar, and of course Sri Aurobindo the great Master himself who wrote among his mangnum opus' - `The Synthesis of Yoga' and `The Life Divine'. It is also said that the reading of his `The Savitri' as a sadhana, may itself bring an awakening. What is important is to endure, calmly, patiently, on the path. Make the effort.
4. After all preparation has been made, it is important to invoke the Masters who aid those who wish to attain the Divine Consciouness, and consciously avail their help. Sri Aurobindo and The Mother are two such ascended masters who I can think of as examples. In today's world, it is difficult to distinguish the real masters from the unreal. So be careful in who you choose for guidance in your work.
5. Fifthly, when one is calm and prepared, he brings within him the descent of Divine Energy which then helps him to elevate him to Godhood. This perhaps is the real Kundalini Awakening as indicated in the ancient Hindu wisdom of old - after the practise of yoga.
By manifesting the Divine Consciousness in your own life, you are fulfilling a very important work which is part of the Earth's work. It is not just for your own soul that you must work, but also for all others, as we are all as much (part of) the Universal as we are Individual. Once we realise the Infinite/Universal within us, this radiates as a compassion from the within to the outside. You will begin to see yourself in others, and others in you. This is Divine Love. Your actions and thoughts will also begin to radiate love, and with this (cumulative effect), your life becomes a Life Divine.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lament (not for people with `sappy' in their daily vocabulary)

The death of sentimentality, softness, vulnerability. People choose to take the `harder' way out. Easier to be cold and rational, and approach a problem with no compassion in heart.

What has the world come to? Observe all your 1950s movies, the older fare. What do you observe? There is respect for softness, it's less in-your-face. Things reveal themselves subtly and surprise you gently. But now, everything has changed. It's easier to cut, rip, and leave all wounds open without waiting for them to heal. There doesn't seem to be anymore a need to be gentle and kind. The last `gentle' (or gentile?!) movie was...let's see...perhaps `The Truman Show'? I don't know. I just feel that we live in the age of crudeness. It's impossible to appreciate sunshine without making a joke about it. Everything has to be immediately immediate, and if it's not, it becomes a laughing matter.

I'm afraid of where the world is headed. Will we forever slip down this tangent we've taken? What has made it this easy to be impolite, this easy to do wrong and not apologise? To numb our conscience, and not listen to the soft whisperings of the heart inside? The world is moving faster and faster, and we've gotten onto a hurricane ride that we can never get off.

I love that in today's world we can interact with people from other cultures and appreciate other ways of being, women today enjoy more equality and a say in everyday affairs than ever before, but I don't know if it would be completely wishful thinking to imagine a more polite and sensitive society without the trappings of having to live a less than authentic life. Watch `Kate & Leopold' (2001) and you'll get a cinematised version of what I mean :-)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

School for the Gifted

I read somewhere that if you have a dream, share it with as many people as you can, so that they may check on you and make sure you achieve it! So here goes..

I've always loved to teach, and I love put the two together and you have `educating children'. I'm not interested in supporting causes for which I have no passion - so that eliminates my ever `giving at the office', i.e. blindly donating money to some random charitable organisation just when I'm in an altruistic mood.

I wish to follow a two-fold approach in achieving my dreams - starting a business which I'm passionate about, and simultaneously starting my charitable work. So a portion of the profits will be channeled directly into the charitable trust.

I want to start a `School for the Gifted' - focusing on children from down-trodden families and encouraging them to attain their highest potential. These children have nothing to lose, and everything to gain - so why not invest in them? Why not see possibility where their parents may see little?

In a country where the approach towards education is incredibly narrow and stifling, this could be an experiment in an alternative method of educating kids. Indian schools of today focus only on book knowledge, and this is where we differ tremendously from schools abroad.
Enriching the library, giving intelligent inputs, encouraging their creative pursuits, building up their self-esteem - these are just some of the ways in which we can do things differently.

Hope and courage is everything. The human spirit is indestructible - put them together and you can have a school where the world leaders of tomorrow may be nurtured. All are welcome into these school doors.

p.s. want to copy my idea? by all means!!! we need more of such schools. Alternatively, if you want to join me in implementing this project, leave your comment and email ID.